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Persuasive Sentences

A student worksheet with sentence frames for being persuasive while negotiating

Persuasive Sentences
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Persuasive Sentences

Use these sentence patterns when you are trying to be persuasive during a negotiation.

When you consider __________, it is clear to me that _____________.

It seems to me that ___________.

What is important to consider, is that______________.

Don't you think that it would be better for ____________ if we ______________.

I think your argument is valid, I am just concerned that _________________.

I am mainly concerned that ___________.

I agree, but ____________.

When you look at the big picture, I am sure you will see that_____________.

Basically that is true, however ___________________.

I still think that this is the best option.

Please try to imagine it from our perspective.

If you put yourself in _________(possessive form) shoes, _______________.

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